The City of Memphis is home to one of the oldest wooden carousels in the United States. Built in 1909, it truly is a National Treasure. Unfortunately, this treasure was sitting in packing crates, almost forgotten. 

carousel parts stored at the Midsouth Coliseum from 2009-2015

carousel parts stored at the Midsouth Coliseum from 2009-2015

In 2014, The Children's Museum of Memphis' CEO Dick Hackett contacted then Mayor A.C. Wharton to inquire about the whereabouts of the Memphis Grand Carousel. After some investigation, the museum was granted a 25-year lease for the Carousel by the City of Memphis. The Carousel was packed up and shipped by FedEx to Carousels and Carvings for two years of restoration work which will cost $1 million.

During the restoration period, CMOM is preparing a brand-new Carousel Pavilion adjacent to the museum for the Memphis Grand Carousel’s return. It will be in a fully restored condition and operational for generations to come. The total cost of this project is estimated to be $5 million, which will be raised through a capital campaign.

Here are photos from the restoration currently taking place in Ohio:

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