Many of us that have grown up in the Memphis area have fond memories riding on the Grand Carousel at the Memphis Fairgrounds. Little did we know at the time, our memorable ride was to become an important part of Memphis history.

The City of Memphis is home to one of the oldest wooden carousels in the United States. Built in 1909, it truly is a national treasure. Unfortunately this treasure had been sitting crated up and almost forgotten.

We have been fortunate to reach an agreement with the City of Memphis and then Mayor A.C. Wharton to use and care for our beloved carousel. We are embarking on a new journey and need your help. The Memphis Grand Carousel is in desperate need of restoration to bring it back to all of its original glory. The process will take nearly two years to complete before it will finally come back.

Please consider making a donation to help us with this restoration that will allow future generations to continue to ride the Memphis Grand Carousel, “Making Memories.” We are also in need of funds to build a magnificent pavilion to house the carousel inside to protect it for many generations to come. There are many naming opportunities available.

Randy McKeel
Memphis Grand Carousel
(901) 320-3172 

Carousel Capital Campaign Opportunities

Carousel Pavilion - $1,000,000
Carousel Ballroom - $750,000
Carousel Pre-Function Hall - $500,000
Founder’s Hall - $500,000 (10 @ $50,000 each)
Kitchen/Storage Room - $350,000
Carousel Atrium - $300,000
Kitchen Equipment - $200,000
Lighting - $200,000
Sound System - $200,000
Kitchen Loading Courtyard - $60,000
Stable Doors - $60,000
Bride’s Room - $50,000
Landscaping - $50,000
Tables/Chairs/Furnishing - $50,000
Bride’s Reception Room - $35,000
Bar - $25,000
Outside Benches - $9,000 (6 @ $1,500 each)

Gifts of Any Size Are Appreciated!

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Make an investment in the future and help save the Memphis Grand Carousel.

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